Hey I'm Kylie, a graphic designer from the 412 (If you know, you know). I like to think that my design career began young, as in kindergarten when I drew flowers on all of my papers in class. With a passion for street style fashion and modern art, my style has evolved into one that is much more bold, vivacious, and sophisticated.

I tend to take chances and run with the idea that hits me like a bolt of lightning and develop it over time. Always on my toes, I plan out each phase and maintain organization through each design problem I'm faced with. I also have a competitive side when it comes to designing which stems from being a gymnast for 15 years.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work. I'd
love to hear from you! I hope you enjoy checking 
out what I’ve been up to!


︎ 724.591.4227 ︎ kmradick22@gmail.com ︎ kylieradickart ︎ Kylie Radick

All work is a product of my own art direction, photography, styling, propping, editing, copywriting, layouts, and craft.